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Femme Fatale in a Blue Dress

Beals in a powder blue housecoat Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) presents a classic noir plot in a neo- noir film. The movie based on Walter Mosley's book by the same title, features Daphne Monet (Jennifer Beals) as a soft-spoken, sizzling femme with a secret. As the movie rolls along, the audience is never quite sure whether she's a fatale or a victim. In the end she is a combination of both. * Spoilers Ahead * The antihero, Easy Rawlins played by Denzel Washington, is fascinated yet unsure about the "white woman" he is tasked with finding. She is enticing and sexy, yet he hesitates because she's white. Daphne reinforces her perceived skin color by staying at a white hotel where the porter will have to sneak Easy Rawlins up the back stairs. But skin color is not always what it seems. It's obvious that Daphne is hiding something. The audience finds out towards the end that Ms. Monet is at least half white and then a lot of pieces start to fall into

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